I was still feeling the buzz from the drink I had after work when I arrived back in Astoria. I tend to power walk everywhere (why can't I just run?! so much faster, ugh) and tonight I was being especially speedy because it was rainy and cold. All I wanted to do was curl up on my incredibly comfortable couch and watch a movie, like No Reservations. I was even considering cracking a beer.

Craaaazy Friday night, amiright?!

When I finally barreled into my apartment, it was well after 8pm. Shit, I thought – I was supposed to Instagram for work twenty minutes ago.

Dropping my three bags, I plopped onto my bed and quickly 'grammed a photo of some of our truffles. I put my phone down, realizing I was sort of hungry, so I went to the kitchen to grab a yogurt. When I came back I had a text message from my boss:

"Oh my god"

My heart immediately started racing – I knew that was a good "omg," and the ...'s that appeared at the bottom of my screen meant the good news was coming. In that moment I considered a million different scenarios of how this text might play out.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity:

"Thrillist posted the video on Facebook"

Holy. Fucking. Shit. – that was fast.

Let's rewind a bit, shall we? Just to the beginning of this week – don't worry.

It was an especially stressful week; we were finishing this insane order for House of Creed (really expensive fragrance company), which included bagging thousands of tiny pieces of chocolate bark and making hundreds of truffles. On Tuesday, the team was there from 6am to around 8pm.

That same day, Forbes dropped an entire THREE PAGE article featuring Mini Melanie. Three freaking pages.

And then, a few hours after Forbes made us forget the horrors of packaging quarter-size pieces of chocolate for a hot sec, Melanie gets an email from someone at Thrillist saying that they found us on Instagram and want to do a video about our truffles.


The only reason I knew this was so legit was because I had to read popular food websites for my internship last summer, e.g. Eater, Food Beast, Buzzfeed, etc. Thrillist was one of those sites, and I knew that they were at the top of their game due to their high-quality, "groundbreaking" videos, news articles and short-form pieces.

Basically, Thrillist is like that friend you have that discovers Shake Shack before it's Shake Shack. Or the one who found Panic! At The Disco before they were on Z100.

And they wanted to feature us.

It was only yesterday when Thrillist's crew came to shoot in our kitchen. Literally, just over 24 hours ago. Which is why neither Melanie nor I were on the lookout for this video. They had told us they wanted to expedite it, but within a two-week time frame, not by the next day.

So of course the minute I found out it was on their Facebook page, I immediately opened the app on my phone and aggressively searched until I found it.

I was shaking. Heart pounding. Speechless.

It was brilliant. Beautiful, awesome, insanely cool. And Melanie's voice-over was on point.

I knew Melanie was experiencing the same reaction that I was right then: this strange and exciting feeling that this was where Mini Melanie's ascent to the top begins. This is the day we'll look back on and say, that's when it all started happening.

Of course, I may be writing this now and nothing will ever come of this video.

But you ever have that feeling when you just know?


Plus, look at that view count. Not bad!!