A Mini Housewarming

It was 5pm on the dot and I already had a drink in my hand. A fruity, delicious, "is-there-actually-alcohol-in-this?" cocktail that was too easy to gulp down after a day in the kitchen. I had to keep reminding myself: this is not hydration.

But I was giddy and wearing real clothes and it was happy hour. I couldn't contain my excitement for the coming two hours – our Housewarming day had finally arrived. The craziness of the holidays, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day had finally passed (for now), and Melanie and I were able to take a breather and share our excitement and journey with our closest friends and family.

It was just about two months ago (although it feels like an eternity) that Mini Melanie moved from East Harlem down to the Lower East Side. Previously, we were up on 115th Street at Hot Bread Kitchen's incubator kitchen. But after the holidays proved we had outgrown the space, it was time to find a kitchen we could call our own.

Enter to the stage: Hill & Dale, a small gastropub on the corner of Allen and Delancey. On a rainy Monday morning in early April, we moved out of Hot Bread and into the one-line kitchen. After a day full of organization, relabeling and consolidation, we took a second to take in the new space.

"This is so incredibly cool," Melanie said. I smiled back, looked up and down the line, and nodded in agreement.

It was so, so incredibly cool.

A lot has happened since that rainy day. We found ourselves busting our asses for Mother's Day orders (who knew that would be such a crazy holiday?!), Melanie was frequently being interviewed for blogs, and Thrillist did a video shoot on our soon-to-be-released Rainbow Truffles. Mini Melanie was steadily gaining more recognition, and we couldn't be more excited with the success we've seen since moving into the space.

Although it was a crazy two months, throughout it all we found the time to recipe test new truffles and cakes. I'd love to tell you more, but it would ruin the surpirse ;) Gotta love that mic drop, right? So stay tuned for more info. For now, let's just say Mini Mel is going to have a sick new menu and look, and it's going to blow. your. minds.

A sneak peek at our new truffles!

A sneak peek at our new truffles!

So with the move and our first round of new truffles, we invited friends and family to not only see the new space, but to also taste some of these new sweets. It was a night to remember, and I couldn't be more happy to be surrounded by such wonderful, supportive people.

Shout out to my besties, Jen and Beth, for coming out. Love yewwww!!! xx Photo by Edward Moss

Shout out to my besties, Jen and Beth, for coming out. Love yewwww!!! xx
Photo by Edward Moss

If you find yourself on the LES, stop by H&D. We're there from early morning to 5pm, but the bar has a killer drink and food menu, and the staff is amazing. Definitely worth swinging by - we'd love to see you!!